Shop the Show Q&A with Brian Patrick Flynn

This summer, we’re partnering with several of our Shop the Show alumni from past seasons to discuss essential finds for today’s new, home-oriented lifestyles from brands you can shop at Atlanta Market. Over the coming weeks, join us for useful tips from fellow retailers and designers on how to adjust in these challenging times, inspirational creative projects, and strategies designed to move the home industry ahead to the future.



How He’s Been Keeping Busy
“I’m not one to sit on the sofa for more than a day, so I have been trying to learn new skills. YouTube painting tutorials have been my main source of entertainment, and now I’m trying out abstracts myself. Some have turned out great while others, well…they have not turned out great.”


How He Gives a Home a Quick Refresh
“I love the art of juxtaposition. Pair something old and antiquated with something shiny and new. Pair something super traditional with a modern piece of art. It makes everything feel instantly current.”


His Essentials for Today’s Home-Centric World
“I think multipurpose furniture is a must-have. Anything that can serve more than one purpose is hugely helpful. Occasional tables that double as seating are getting a ton of use at my house. I want to work wherever the best light is, and if that’s outside, I’ll pull up a pouf or an ottoman and sit wherever.”


His Best Advice for a Functional Home Workspace
“Any room that has a piece of furniture with a lot of surface space, that can easily become a work room or a studio. When the weather’s nice, I’ve relocated myself outside to my covered patio and used its huge coffee table as a place to set up all my samples needed to put together room schemes. And also for my birthday I set up our iPad on a tripod at the dining table and had a virtual hangout.”


 How He Maximizes Productivity in a Work-from-Home World
“Prioritize any rooms that can be closed off from others. Many times I end up using my bed as my main work space as it’s on the top floor of my house and has a door that can shut out all of the noise coming from the great room down the stairs.”


What Will Top Homeowners' Redesign Lists This Year?
“Covered outdoor living spaces. To me, they are the key to harmonious living. If it gets way too cramped inside, you have a nice break from others by working outside solo for a few hours.”


His Outdoor Essentials
- Outdoor sectionals
- Three-seater sofas
- Any type of hanging chair — “Simply suspending yourself while relaxing, reading, checking email or social media makes you feel like a kid again.” 


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