Shop the Show Q&A with Annette Joseph

This summer, we’re partnering with several of our Shop the Show alumni from past seasons to discuss essential finds for today’s new, home-oriented lifestyles from brands you can shop at Atlanta Market. Over the coming weeks, join us for useful tips from fellow retailers and designers on how to adjust in these challenging times, inspirational creative projects, and strategies designed to move the home industry ahead to the future.



How She’s Been Keeping Busy
“I think that dogs are going to be the heroes of all this once it’s over. We are lucky we live outside the city, so we can walk on our street everyday with the pups. I am fairly busy writing and testing recipes for my next cookbook, La Fortezza Cookbook, about the food and local products we enjoy in the beautiful home we own in Tuscany.”


How She’s Finding Inspiration and Fostering Creativity in Others
“I think slowing down is a good thing. I have a weekly aperitivo with friends from all over the globe, all creatives. We are all in this together so we are sharing stories and making each other laugh. Creativity is a state of mind, this is a great time to tap into new hobbies or amp up your existing hobbies.”



Annette’s Top Homemade Comfort Foods
- Pasta (“We have been making and eating a ton!”)
- Meatballs
- Bread
- Desserts


Annette’s Kitchen Essentials
- Good set of knives
- Cast iron skillet and a Dutch oven
- Nonstick pans
- Digital thermometer
- Wire “spider” strainer is a must
- Parchment paper


How She’s Making Dinner a Stress-Free Family Event
“Now is the best time, because we have so much time to plan and to cook. Take your time cooking and don’t rush, your recipes will come out better...and include the kids. Lots of great opportunities for lessons while cooking with kids, like math and vocabulary. My kids cook and I believe it’s the best gift you can give your children, the ability to feed themselves.”



Her Advice to Designers and Retailers
“With the bad comes the good. This is the perfect time to reinvent yourself. I think that at the end of all this we will have different ways of doing business: better ways, more creative ways. The lessons we are learning now may be painful, but it will result in a better way forward. I spoke at the Mart in January on thinking about an online presence, branding and how to engage customers and clients. In retrospect, it seems like it was perfect timing as it’s so relevant right now.” 


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