New Buyer Basics

New to AmericasMart? Here are some tips to help make the most of your Market experience.

Get Connected
Download the AmericasMart App before Market for access to up-to-date information.

Make a Plan
Study the color-coded building schematic in this book and match your purchase plan to the categories and floors. Use our Market Plan tool at and on the App to note your favorite vendors, create a budget and more.

Discover New Sources
Search by categories at or on the App to find vendors who carry products that apply to your business. Use the alphabetical exhibitor listings online or in the Atlanta Buyer's Guide onsite to locate specific exhibitors or lines.

Find Your Way
Use the detailed maps in the Atlanta Buyer’s Guide and those on the floors in each elevator lobby to locate showrooms or bridges. Locate exhibitors on campus using turn-by-turn navigation available in the App.

Walk Hallways
Shop all appropriate floors for your merchandise categories by walking each hallway. If you see a showroom you’d like to visit that isn’t on your original list, highlight it on your floor plan for a return visit.

Use Bridges
All the buildings are connected via bridges—there’s no need to go outside unless you want to.

Take Escalators
During busy Market days, it’s most expedient to use escalators and stairways to move between floors.

Stay Hydrated
Complimentary water available in the lobbies of all three buildings during Market.

Have Fun
The events flyer in the Atlanta Buyer's Guide and the AmericasMart App list the full schedule of events including seminars, events and complimentary concessions.

Attend New Buyer Breakfasts
Come to these informal sessions offered on Wednesday and Thursday of Market to ask questions and get assistance.

Know Before You Go

AmericasMart’s campus expands over three integrated buildings connected by bridges. During Market, you’ll find permanent showrooms and temporary exhibitors in all three buildings.

Locations are the “address” of the showroom or booth, and each building follows a different format.

Here’s how it works:
Locations in Building 1 contain the building number followed by the hallway letter and showroom/booth number:
B1 12-B-6 = Building 1, Floor 12, Corridor B, Showroom 6
B1 7-M-30 = Building 1, Floor 7, Aisle M, Booth 30

Locations in Building 2 contain the building number followed by the combined floor and showroom/booth number:
B2 731B = Building 2, Floor 7, Showroom 31B
B2 2-326 = Building 2, Floor 2, Booth 326

Locations in Building 3 contain the building number, followed by the floor number (showrooms also contain a quadrant – North, South, East or West) and then the showroom/booth number:
B3 13-E110A = Building 3, Floor 13, East quadrant, Showroom 110A
B3 2-1404 = Building 3, Floor 2, Booth 1404






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