Showroom Shifts: Showrooms Find New Homes Before Summer Market

Showroom Shifts: Showrooms Find New Homes Before Summer Market

When we announced our Atlanta Next initiative for the AmericasMart campus, we knew big changes were on the horizon. Since January, many of our showrooms have been on the move to their new homes within our three buildings. Check the list below for the showroom relocations before you head to Atlanta Market.

Showroom New Location Old Location
Abigails B1, 15-A-8 B1, 15-A-4
Appelman Schauben B2, 1100 B2, 1125, 1829
Authentic Models B1, 11-C-5 B1, 13-D-7
Azzure Home B2, 841 B2, 1137A
Cohasset Gifts & Home B2, 9B40 B2, 9-B-55
Diamond Star Corporation B1, 13-D-6 B2, 1109
Elico B2, 809 B2, 1113B
Enchante Accessories B2, 803B B2, 1105
Gerson B2, 1225 B2, 1112
GiftCraft B2, 1821, 1830 B2, 1527
Hester & Cook Design Group B2, 903B B1, 10-A-11
IMAX B1, 12-C-1 B2, 1100
India House Brass B2, 1306 B2, 1312
Ivystone B2, 1101 B2, 1801
Leftbank Art B1, 13-D-2 B1, 13-D-6
Magenta B2, 913B B2, 1135A
Mills Floral & Home B1, 20-E-20 B1, 11-E-4
One Hundred 80 Degrees/Glitterville B2, 1521 B2, 1534
OneCoast B2, 1800, 1801 B2, 1800
Sagebrook Home B1, 13-E-7 B2, 1113A
Tag B2, 1019 B2, 1121
The Royal Standard B2, 1533 B1, 1118B
Three Hands B1, 11-D-2 B2, 1531
Transpac B2, 1803 B1, 19-D-12
Vera Bradley B2, 1021 B2, 1101
Veronica Flam B1, 15-F-4 B1, 15-A-2
Zeugma B1, 15-F-9 B1, 13-E-3B
Zuo B1, 11-E-15 B1, 11-D-2


We are also excited to announce new showrooms that have opened

Building 1 New Showrooms Location
Artists Guild of America B1, 11-E-4
Sherwin-Williams B1, 5-F-5


Building 2 New Showrooms Location
Botanical Collections B2, 9-A-23
Halcyon Days B2, 929A
Lazy One, Inc. B2, 621
Think Outside B2, 9-C-113


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